Learn About 6 Different Ways To Make Money If You Have A Disability

Becoming disabled always comes with a good deal of stress, but this stress can be doubled when disabled individuals face financial trouble in addition to physical trouble. Whether readers are still waiting for their SSDI claims to be approved or they simply find that they need some extra income to cover all the bills even with their disability insurance payments, there are still plenty of ways to make ends meet. Check out these 6 Different Ways To Make Money If You Have A Disability to learn about just a few of them.

Apply for Additional Assistance

The first step most newly disabled individuals who are facing serious financial hardship should take is to apply for additional assistance such as food stamps, SSI, housing assistance, or medical assistance. Keep in mind, however, that these benefits are based on income and need so household income is taken into account when calculating them and not everyone qualifies.

Sell Unwanted Stuff

Even those who are disabled can usually find a way to sell some of their unwanted items if they need to get by until their first disability payment comes in. Just about anything can be sold online via Craigslist and any number of alternative online marketplaces, and these options don’t tend to require that sellers physically bring the items anywhere to be evaluated. Plus, they tend to pay better than pawn shops.

Find a Short-Term Job

Many SSDI recipients erroneously believe that they will no longer receive benefits if they work a job. In reality, they can earn up to $720 per month without it impacting their benefits, and the website ADA.gov regularly publishes temp job lists specifically for the disabled.

Do Some Freelance Work

Depending on what kind of disability an individual suffers from, he or she might still be able to get some freelance work online. Things like freelance writing, building websites, and virtual assistance tend to be good fits.

Start a Side Business

Try to think of services that can be comfortably performed with a disability. These might include things like pet sitting or light cleaning.

Spend Less Money

From clipping coupons to asking doctors for medication samples when they are available, there are plenty of ways to cut corners and save money. This can be a huge benefit to those who are not able to find work and are having trouble stretching their SSDI payments through the month.