Lessons Learned About Health

Whip your Health into Shape

This may seem like the worst news you’ll ever receive but it’s not, not even close. So you picture kales , cucumbers , broccoli and cauliflowers dragging themselves towards you like dead matter. By all means you are running for your life but you aren’t moving, oh wait are you on a treadmill? When it stops, you are over the moon with joy except its short lived when you discover that you are in a boxing room. You are alone and it’s creepy so you try to escape as slowly as you can just then, a jumping rope wraps itself around you. It’s bad , really bad because the vegetables have just gotten way to close to you and are trying to invade your body. Relax it isn’t as bad as you think. Great, is the word you’ll be using after its all over.

Junk is sweet and everybody likes sweet. If chocolate chip and mango were running for president, chocolate chip would surely win. I mean it would be sad to find your dentist or doctor on the Forbes magazine knowing that it was you money that got them there. You can’t just get over the love of sugar in a day . You could have a bag of chips then repent by taking a fruit juice instead of a soft drink for starters Consistently and with time you’ll find it very comfortable to adapt to good ole veggies. Try great presentation of the veggies. If your brain is impressed then consider every part of your body impressed with the greens.

It’s out with the fat and in with the muscles. If you are serious about those clothes you want to fit in get sweating. If you and the gym don’t really get along don’t worry you can always find a sport that you like. You will find it pays to turn it into a hobby. Think you can dance ? go for it. Any road that gets you there is worth a try. There is nothing good about the pills that help you reduce your weight they just add to your health issues.

Meditation is the best new thing in town. Everybody is looking for Zen so don’t be left behind. It might sound terrible but It has enormous benefits. Everything is fair in love and war right, well, everything is also fair for your peace of mind. If you find meditation impossible, its time to find a therapist to talk to. It could be as simple as sharing with friends or family if you have purposed to save for that get away. Nobody is saying that you can’t get away with talking to your friends or family if you’d rather spend your hard earned money on a holiday instead of a therapist.

You simply have to take your meds. It could be the difference between a bearable life and a not- so -attractive option. If your dream is to live as long as your uncle Fred then your medication is a good price for it. Never go off meds without your doctor’s go ahead. This is a recipe for a happy healthier you.

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