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5 Practical Ways Of Paying Off Your Mortgage Early Most people have to pay their mortgages throughout their working lives. Although it depends on the type of mortgage you have, most of them nonetheless take many years to finish. When you are finally done, it can be one of the most satisfying feelings ever. If you want to get that feel good feeling ahead of schedule, there are some practical ways of achieving it. Below you will find very useful tips to help you repay your mortgage sooner. The first way involves simply paying more every month. Your financial standing may have changed since you started paying the mortgage. When you increase your installment amount, you will shave off some years and interest amount.If you can regularly increase the amount over the years, you significantly reduce the payment period. Instead of adding an extra amount at the end of every month, you can also try making your payments more regular. Most financial advisers recommend that you make the payments every two weeks. This is especially for people who feel they would spend the money in other ways before the end of the month. If your income allows you to use this tactic, you can actually repay the mortgage in half the time. If the two payments are not equal, a mortgage calculator will help you calculate your new repayment period.
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The above tactics are mostly applicable to people who have seen an increase in their monthly incomes. Other people may only enjoy the occasional cash windfall. When you receive such amounts, it is advisable that you make lump sum contributions to your mortgage. Check that your mortgage allows you to make such payments to avoid any penalties.
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Many home owners are now turning to refinancing to help them pay off their mortgages early. There are two main ways in which you can take advantage of refinancing. Put simply, refinancing a mortgage means that you replace your first mortgage with a new one. The first way of refinancing is to secure a mortgage with a shorter repayment period. Go over your finances to ensure that you can maintain the new payments in the long term. The second way is to take a new mortgage with a lower interest rate than your first one. This one will still have the same repayment period. For the new mortgage, however, the minimum amount for the monthly payments will be lower than the first one. Using this tactic, you can pay off the loan early without increasing your monthly payment amount. There are some expenses associated with this process and you should therefore consult widely before you settle on it.